Maintenance Tips

Every home requires a tune-up every now and then to keep everything working up to speed. As a homeowner, there are several things you can do throughout the year to maintain your home.


In spring, focus on freshening up your home and protecting your property against the season’s strong winds and rains. Clean gutters and downspouts, and inspect your roof and chimney for cracks and damage. On the inside of the home, test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, dust the blinds and vacuum the curtains throughout your house.


Walk around your home’s exterior and slide open crawl space vents at the foundation. Change or clean heating, ventilating and air conditioning filters. Clean kitchen appliances inside and out, including refrigerator coils, and maintain clean drains by adding a half-cup of baking soda followed by a half-cup of white vinegar.


Rake leaves and shred to use as mulch or dispose of them based on local guidelines. Remove hoses from spigots and drain and store indoors, coiled and flat. Check windows and doors for weather-tightness and install weather stripping where it’s needed.


In winter, enjoy energy-efficient warmth and the fruits of your home-maintenance labors. Use this time of the year to thoroughly clean and care for your home’s interior while taking a few precautionary measures on the outside. Clean kitchen appliances inside and out, including refrigerator coils.

For more tips and tricks, click here to download a full schedule of maintenance tasks.